Why theGUDA?

It all began out of frustration. We could recognize creative people all around us, but those people were not allowed a platform to share their work with a wider audience. Be it for geographical, financial, or other reasons - potential was not being met. And we think that's ridiculous.

We simply wanted to create a platform.

A 100% free place to share quality works of all media type and scale.

theGUDA originally began as an acronym, (Gallery of Unknown Designers and Artists). But that was quite a mouthful, and we don't necessarily think of ourselves as a gallery. We are more so an ever-evolving collection of creatives.

As serendipity goes, we learned that Guda was a person.

A 12th century German nun and illuminator oftentimes credited with having created the first self-portrait of a female artist. The self-portrait, nestled in the letter 'D', is painted in the Homilary of Saint Bartholomew. The banner she is grasping says, 'Guda, woman and sinner, wrote and painted this book.'

So the name sticks.

We are theGUDA, we are sinners, and we created this for you.